What is Fixed Time Trading?

Fixed time trading aka FTT refers to trades that has a fixed time duration and profit. Both duration and profit are pre-determined before you execute the trade. Duration can be ranged from 5 seconds to 1 day depending on the asset, current time and the trading platform you are using. Profit can be ranged from 65% to 93% depending on the volatility of the asset and duration. For an example, if you are choosing an asset with a high volatility for fixed time trading with a shorter duration such as 5 seconds, the profit will be higher than an asset with low volatility with the same duration. Trader can predict whether the price of the asset will go higher or lower than the current price after a pre-determined time period and execute the fixed time trade by clicking the applicable button either Up or Down available on the trading platform’s trading interface.

Steps to open a fixed time trade

1. Log in to your trading platform and select FTT mode
2. Select an asset
3. Choose the trade amount, set the time duration for the trade and click UP or Down button depending on your price prediction at the end of the time duration
Done, you will get the result at the end of the time duration. If your prediction is right, you will get the trade amount plus the profit. If your prediction is wrong, you will lose the trade amount.

Steps to cancel a fixed time trade

Some fixed time trading platforms offer an option to cancel the fixed time trade before the duration as a risk minimization option. However, when the price goes further to the wrong direction or when more time passed, less money will be returned. This feature can be also used to cancel trades that are still open and prices goes with the predicted direction.
1. Open the applicable trade using the active trades menu
2. Click on the trade icon of the trade that you want to cancel on the chart
3. Click cancel

Pending Orders

Traders who use technical analysis prefer to have pending orders to open a trade when the desired conditions are met. Pending order is a very useful feature for such traders which helps them to not sit and wait until a certain price is reached to open their trade. You need to set the trade open time, rate of return, amount, time duration and direction of the trade

Recommended fixed time trading platform

There are lot of fixed time trading platforms that you can choose to start your trading journey. Quotex, Pocket Option, IQ Option, Binomo and Olymp Trade are few of such platforms. However, we would like to pick one of them as our recommended broker.

Olymp Trade

Olymp Trade is a popular fixed time trading platform established in 2014. This platform has over 88 million traders across 130+ countries. You can trade fixed time trades and get profits up to 93% for successful trades with this broker. They offer over 180 assets including currencies, stocks, indexes and commodities which means traders can trade fixed time trades with their favorite assets. Technical indicators, charting tools and integrated signals offered by the platform will help you to take informed decisions for your trades. This platform offers a free demo account with $10,000 virtual money to practice trading.